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    Welcome to Jeollabuk-do Business Agency.

    Jeollabuk-do Business Agency was founded with the goal to support SMEs in Jeollabuk-do, to build in them the vital competence necessary in order to survive and compete in the market, and to create a business-friendly environment to ultimately produce more jobs, attract businesses, and support new business startups.
    To this end, Jeollabuk-do Business Agency established aoneroof–onestopservicetoclearobstaclesfacedbySMEs.

    While it is true that our business foundation is still fragile and changes in the business environment, both local and international, are being thrust upon us, Jeollabuk-do Business Agency will take the initiative in bringing about satisfactory results as a supporter for driving growth of local SMEs and in boosting sales.
    The agency will specifically provide optimal solutions to address challenges facing local SMEs, support startup ventures and business incubation, and serve as a marketer of local indigenous specialties.

    We will also be there as your reliable partner and ally in good and bad times. As the truehearted agency supporting and staying on the same wavelength with SME entrepreneurs and traders, we will bolster local and overseas marketing support to make SMEs more competitive, vitalize the local economy, and drive the globalization of SMEs in Jeollabuk-do.

    Thank you.

    Year Established: January 1st,1997 , Business Type: Government supported Institute
    Address: 164, Palgwajeong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, 561-736 R.O. Korea
    Tel : +82-63-711-2000 , Fax : +82-63-711-2090
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